Current Data Protection Challenges

RUBIDEX™ seeks to resolve three of the major challenges faced by database users; truncation, corruption, and security breaches. Truncation; systematically removes data from the database to make room for new data resulting in total loss of data. Corruption often results in a total loss of a database due to outside factors such as; lightning strikes, power outages, and human error. Data breaches are the most serious of the data-base flaws. It is far too easy for malicious actors to gain access to even the most protected of databases and many databases do not fall into the category of ‘most protected’. Many common database architectures are vulnerable to even unsophisticated attacks.

The database predates much of the sophisticated needs of today’s enterprises. Data use has grown exponentially. Advances in the security and system architecture cannot keep pace with the demands we place on them while stopping those who are deter-mined to infiltrate sensitive data.

The database is an antiquated technology. The internet was designed for data transfer not data security. Today’s block-chains were designed for crypto currency and not for scalable transactional value or enterprise level data security.


A Database(less) World

Data security – Does it really exist?

Data theft and ransomware occurs at the weakest point in the system. All database applications work on the premise that users enter data on a work station or node of some form. The data is then sent to a server which houses the data in a database where it is encrypted.

Whether the work station is a computer, a tablet, a gas pump or a point of sale system; the data is vulnerable from the point of entry until the point of encryption. Once the database secures the data; the database itself becomes the weakest point. If a hacker isn’t skimming the data at the pump or stealing it at the desktop they are attacking the database itself.

Your data is always vulnerable to employee theft, human error and oversight, hackers, skimming, phishing, ransomware, database corruption, truncation or theft. No matter how hard you work to secure your data; it is never truly secure.


RUBIDEX™: The first database replacement alternative for data security.

Until now data security has focused on hardened infrastructure, database patches and an aggressive defensive posture.

RUBIDEX™ takes a different approach. RUBIDEX™ uses tunnel encryption securing the data until it is secured in a proprietary file system outside of a database. The file system is built on blockchain architecture without the limitations of a blockchain.

The RUBIDEX™ system will not allow access to data without an authorized workstation that is IP and geographic dependent requiring proprietary viewer to read the data once it is decrypted. Data is never unencrypted on any hard drive at any time.


How it works – can you finally achieve true data security

A database is a collection of all of your company's data in one location. Client records, financial transactions, and all related data. Stored in one convenient location for a hacker to penetrate. Employees and clients are constantly accessing this data on a network that is vulnerable at every point of entry.

Rubidex uses a patented process to take each record and store it as an individual file in a proprietary container. We use end to end tunnel encryption . Each record is encrypted at the moment of creation. Every record is stored as its own file in its own container.

Our proprietary patented process encrypts the data on our proprietary viewer before it is saved. Once the user is done with the record it is stored in its own container using a proprietary storage system.


What Does it Mean For You?

RUBIDEX™ can mirror any database application you are using today and place our technology behind it. We can do this through customization or through middleware.

Our custom solutions can be tailored to visually look identical to any database application you use today. This will mitigate employees transition time and training.

Once our system goes live; your data is now stored in individual encrypted files in proprietary containers.

User and group permissions allow you to control access to your data and can even limit your AI authority.

Your new system will work and function as if you never left your database but you will finally be free of an archaic solution that has left your data vulnerable to attack, theft and loss.

Our system protects your data from the user interphase, to transmission, session and storage.


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