The RUBIDEX™ System

The RUBIDEX™ System is a 3-part custom built, permissions-based, multi-user and multi-use, client-server database alternative with near-instant synchronized, self-healing, highly encrypted data blocks in a private blockchain environment. By eliminating the database your organization can mitigate issues related to; truncation, corruption, and data theft.

The RUBIDEX™ System is comprised of RubiVerse, our back-end blockchain, RubiPrime, our front-end data entry software and RubiSync, our server and cloud-based synchronizer. The suite allows for multiple group and user-based permissions allowing for additional layers of protection. With our proprietary synchronization, the blockchain synchronizes almost instan-taneously eliminating long wait times and potential errors. All data is encrypted in real-time and cannot be read outside of the RubiPrime module. RubiPrime is IP and location locked, making piracy a thing of the past. RubiSync self-heals data that is deleted or tampered with. Blocks cannot be deleted and contain circular reference to each other, allowing for total transparency and accountability.


Current Data Protection Challenges

RUBIDEX™ seeks to resolve three of the major challenges faced by database users; truncation, corruption, and security breaches. Truncation; systematically removes data from the database to make room for new data resulting in total loss of data. Corruption often results in a total loss of a database due to outside factors such as; lightning strikes, power outages, and human error. Data breaches are the most serious of the data-base flaws. It is far too easy for malicious actors to gain access to even the most protected of databases and many databases do not fall into the category of ‘most protected’. Many common database architectures are vulnerable to even unsophisticated attacks.

The database predates much of the sophisticated needs of today’s enterprises. Data use has grown exponentially. Advances in the security and system architecture cannot keep pace with the demands we place on them while stopping those who are deter-mined to infiltrate sensitive data.

The database is an antiquated technology. The internet was designed for data transfer not data security. Today’s block-chains were designed for crypto currency and not for scalable transactional value or enterprise level data security.


A Foundational Solution

RUBIDEX™ has created a brand-new permission-based hybrid data storage system. We stacked a private blockchain decentral-ized platform on top of real time encryption and then eliminated the database.

At the heart of our three-part system is RubiVerse. RUBIVERSE is a proof of work decentralized data platform much like a block-chain. The system is delivered on a private server installed at a location of your choice. Like other traditional blockchain plat-forms, it creates de-centralized chain data in “blocks” and allows for encrypted secure transactions. It also handles much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, such as peer-to-peer serving and cryptographic functions.

The second part of our system is RubiPrime. A custom-built graphical user interface software that will see the most use day-to-day. It is used for data entry, reading, writing and displaying encrypted blocks in real time. The GUI is completely customiz-able with dashboard capabilities. RUBIPRIME 2.0 will offer a GUI self-builder and visual scripting system.

The third component, RubiSync synchronizes all blocks across all nodes, and ensures that all nodes have a full copy of all blocks. It synchronizes instantaneously and “self-heals” if a node detects unauthorized changes. If a block is deleted, tam-pered with or corrupted, RUBISYNC will restore the data to its original state. Like a blockchains, data cannot be deleted or changed. Previous blocks can be edited and stored as a new encrypted block. The blocks store user login information pro-viding for accountability for each change made to the data set.

With the Rubidex System your data is protected at all times using end-to-end encrypted tunnels and 256 bit encryption on each block. We use a variety of encryption algorithms depending on the data type. Each block stores a data field. There is no database and therefore there is no single point of attack.

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