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Data Security Solutions

Whether during transmission, session or storage; data theft occurs at the weakest point in a system.  The challenge with data systems today are the number of weak points that inherently exist in a system design.  The database itself is vulnerable to corruption, hacking, theft, truncation, and intrusion.  The database was designed for storing data not protecting data.  As data complexity continues to grow a system of patches and firewalls is employed in an attempt to secure the data while unintentionally introducing more points of attack. 

Private Closed Source Block Chain

The internet was built for data transfer, the database was built for data storage, the blockchain was designed for crypto-currency.  If you are attempting to use a crypto-based blockchain solution to drive your business forward; you are probably a victim of a solution searching for a problem. Widely known and accepted blockchains cannot provide scalable business application solutions.  Until now; blockchains simply were not designed to function this way.  Rubidex has created the first closed-source, scalable, and private blockchain for business applications. 

A New Approach

Buzz words are not enough. Compliance is not enough. Until now data security has focused on hardened infrastructure, database patches and an aggressive defensive posture. 

RUBIDEX™  takes a different approach.  RUBIDEX™  uses a patent pending process to employ a proprietary tunnel encryption method until it is secured in a proprietary file system outside of a database.  The file system is built on blockchain architecture with the functionality of a database.

Data Transmission

Your mission critical data has critical delivery needs but what is being done to protect that data?  As your data transits satellites, moves across platforms and is being interpreted for analytics who has access to your data? Being compliant is simply not good enough. 

Data Analytics

You need your data to work for you; but at what cost? As your data is sent to a solutions provider what are they doing to protect that data? As your data is compiled from multiple legacy platforms how are you structuring the data?  Let us show you a better way

Point of Sale

Every time a customer swipes a card or places an order; data transmission begins.  Once your transactions are compiled in a 'secured' database you are now vulnerable to any number of attacks. A POS system is one of the most vulnerable data platforms we use; yet we trust them to store our most sensitive data. 


Are you paying a large company to provide you with an expensive CRM?  As you fill this massive database with your company's future; what is being done to protect it?

Business operations software

Running your small business or global enterprise on a database solution?  How many layers of security have you had to add to 'keep your data safe'? 

Defensive Posturing

From ransomware, man-in-the-middle, and sequel injection attacks; every attack is predicated upon exploiting your weakest point. Rubidex eliminates all of these and more.

Our Platform


The RUBIDEX™ System is a 3-part custom built, permissions-based, multi-user and multi-use, client-server database alternative with near-instant synchronized, self-healing, highly encrypted data blocks in a private blockchain environment.  By eliminating the database your organization can mitigate issues related to; truncation, corruption, and data theft.

The RUBIDEX™ System is comprised of RubiVerse, our back-end blockchain, RubiPrime, our front-end data entry software and RubiSync, our server and cloud-based synchronizer. The suite allows for multiple group and user-based permissions allowing for additional layers of protection. With our proprietary synchronization, the blockchain synchronizes almost instan-taneously eliminating long wait times and potential errors. All data is encrypted in real-time and cannot be read outside of the RubiPrime module. RubiPrime is IP and location locked, making piracy a thing of the past. RubiSync self-heals data that is deleted or tampered with. Blocks cannot be deleted and contain circular reference to each other, allowing for total transparency and accountability.

Current data protection challenges 

RUBIDEX™ seeks to resolve three of the major challenges faced by database users; truncation, corruption, and security breaches. Truncation; systematically removes data from the database to make room for new data resulting in total loss of data. Corruption often results in a total loss of a database due to outside factors such as; lightning strikes, power outages, and human error. Data breaches are the most serious of the data-base flaws. It is far too easy for malicious actors to gain access to even the most protected of databases and many databases do not fall into the category of ‘most protected’. Many common database architectures are vulnerable to even unsophisticated attacks. 

User group paradigm

Improved synchronization system with proper storage.

Better Search Ability

Encrypts/decrypts data in real-time materially reducing needed computing power

Self-heals: security around document history, never to be lost or stolen

Transparency: audit trail, files are locked and need permissions to open

Can be used to limit and control AI functionality

Eliminates ransomware, man-in-the-middle attacks and database injection attacks

Increases trust, accountabiltiy, security, transparency and efficiency in the office

Our Team

Eric Swider

Chief Executive Officer - Eric Swider brings more than twenty years of experience in leadership, corporate oversight and governance and operational excellence. 

Steve Teel

Chief Operating Officer - A founding partner and a serial entrepreneur; Steve has found success in many ventures throughout his career and brings decades of operational experience to RUBIDEX™.

Mike Felker

Chief Technology Officer - A founding partner and veteran of technology development; Mike has been a database engineer for over 18 years, he has programmed in virtually every language, ran production studios and is a composer as well as an avid gaming coder.