Private Blockchain

Private Blockchain Solutions Cont'd.

With so much hype around blockchain; the solution should be easy to understand and deploy. So why is it so confusing and difficult to implement?

•   It's Not user-friendly

•   It's Not necessarily more secure

•   It's Not scalable

•   It's Not more private

•   It's Not a solution for interoperability


What have we done differently?

•   Made our system user friendly - We have integrated a User interface that makes data integration and protection a simple task. Our Inst-Load (patent pending) technology allows for instant use of your blockchain as it is your private chain.

•   Made our system more secure – We have added end-to-end tunnel encryption to provide maximum security while data moves within your Blockchain. Its your private blockchain.

•   Made our system Scalable – Our system grows as your data grows. With the right hardware you experience no speed degradation.

•   Made our system Private – We don’t believe an open source global network of servers is where your data should be stored. We design a private blockchain based solution specifically for your data security needs.

•   Made our system deployable within a closed network or a cloud-based system of servers and networks while remaining completely private.


Built For Scalability

•   Rubidex files are not limited to 256 characters- Rubidex can encrpty an entire medical record on one block

•   The Rubidex Blockchain System writes very small files and can span across hard drives.

•   Average size of file is 3kb-128kb

•   Limited only by hard drive space

•   Can span across multiple drives as they become filled with blocks


Closed Source

•   No one has access to the code so only Rubidex can change it. The code is heavily encrypted making it virtually unreadable.

•   When requested by you; Changes can be made instantaneously by us. Changes do not rely on a committee to decide or unpaid developers to make said changes.

•   You maintain total control over the security of the entire blockchain system.




More Secure

•   Encrypted on your servers (256-bit level encryption).

•   Your hardened server provides no access to directories and outside DDOS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

•   Encrypted front end and sync system.

•   End-to-end encrypted tunnel between blockchain and front end nodes.

•   No access to any part of our code - totally unreadable even in hex editors and decompilers.


Sync’s Faster

•   Patent-Pending Instaload technology

•   RubiSync keeps blockchain synced, re-orders blocks when necessary and ensures all nodes have all blocks. It also self-heals in case of deleted blocks.

•   Hyper aware of last block through the entire blockchain system. No large downloading of blocks to fill up your hard drives



Compare & Contrast

Compared to Hyper Ledger and Corda Technology - where anyone can download and change the code:

Allows those with the knowledge and capability to hack into servers and make changes. Gives people with bad intent knowledge on where things are and how to circumvent security measures. Shows these people potential exploitable bugs and holes in the code.


Compared to Corda Technology - Type Confusion (gets rid of security measures):

•   In a type confusion attack, Java language security can be circumvented - private, public and protected access is no more important.

•   Type confusion attacks are possible since there are no runtime checks done for getfield/putfield instructions with regard to the types of their arguments.

•   Corda runs on the Java Virtual machine (JVM); JVM was created for developing programs in a heterogeneous network-wide environment.


Compared to HyperLedger Technology - Channels make it a challenge to scale and manage

“It has the concept of channels and that would mean for a thousand trading parties each one of those is going to secure the data, each one is going to need it’s own individual channel between each party so you can imagine how many different channels that could potentially create for each party and that becomes unmanageable and unscalable.” - ChainThat Insurance (from LedgerInsights)


Java based or integrated solutions

“The development of Java began when malicious attacks through vulnerabilities were virtually non-existent. As a result, software developers in general – not just those working on Java – could not anticipate this potential security risk, and the software was not built with security in mind.” Kaspersky Labs



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