Enterprise Data Security

Business Applications

Rubidex™ acts like a database and functions like a blockchain. Acting as an API command set; RubidexTM can be adapted to almost any use case. RubidexTM is the first true business case blockchain for data security.

  • Use our API and library to develop custom applications

  • Scalability: 100% across drives

  • AES 256 bit encryption with looping rotating randomized locks

  • Self-healing data

  • Insta-load technology

  • Up-syncing capable; allowing for offline work

  • 100% encryption 100% of the time

  • Quantum ready

  • Impervious to ransomeware; SQL attacks, phishing, man in the middle, etc


Decentralized Cloud Data Protection

Rubidex solutions can store your enterprise business data in decentralized blocks over a network of cloud servers eliminating the possibility of data breaches, data theft, ransomware and data loss.

Data can be stored as a decentralized back-up of your data or Rubidex can run as your primary data storage system eliminating the use of a database all together.


Decentralized Enterprise Data Storage

RUBIDEX™'s, fully synchronized, distributed block chain-based software ensures that corporate enterprise data remains fully encrypted through every segment of the data lifecycle. During data entry, data processing, and data storage, the data never exists in an unencrypted form. The data is redundantly stored in multiple locations remaining fully secure from outside access, manipulation or deletion.

RUBIDEX™ functions like a database but operates like a block chain. While you lose no functionality of your current solution you gain the protection of decentralized data storage impervious to ransomware, sequel injections, brute force attacks, and man in the middle schemes.

In order to mitigate threats and enhance security, IT departments are needing to secure and encrypt data as quickly as possible starting from data entry into the system. The data must continue be secure throughout business processes and stored for future use in a manner that is impervious to unauthorized access or manipulation.



What have we done differently?

  • Made our system user friendly - We have integrated a User interface that makes data integration and protection a simple task. Our Inst-Load (patent pending) technology allows for instant use of your blockchain as it is your private chain.

  • Made our system more secure – We have added end-to-end tunnel encryption to provide maximum security while data moves within your Blockchain. It's your private blockchain.

  • Made our system Scalable – Our system grows as your data grows. With the right hardware you experience no speed degradation.

  • Made our system deployable within a closed network or a cloud-based system of servers and networks while remaining completely private.


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